Buy911 Buying Process

  • Buyer Agent
  • Become a Buy911 Listing Agent
  • Cash offer for your client
Buy911 Makes Your Time More Valuable!

This innovative technology allows you to make easy online offers, manage them, and see where the current bid is at. Paperwork isn’t submitted until you are the winning bid. You also have more time to show your buyers properties and not be pressured to get there the same day it is listed. Our auction platform allows for an average of 8 days on auction and the market.


Use Our Platform for Your Listings!

  • Offer to your sellers as a transparent platform to see offers and buyers drive up prices.
  • Be able to offer your seller 0% listings as a marketing edge. The buyer pays the commission through a buyer’s premium.
  • Also a great tool for your investor clients to sell their inventory!

Benefits of being a Buy911 Listing Agent

Buy911 Auction Platform Certification
Access To Cash Investors (48 Hour Cash Offers)
Use Of Marketing Material For List For 0%
Use Of Marketing Material For "We Buy Houses For Cash"
Buy911 National Referral Network (Potential Listings)

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Have A Property That The Seller Wants to Sell Now For Cash?

  • Maybe they are facing foreclosure, divorce, or acquired through a death in the family?
  • We want to buy the inventory. We will give a cash offer to your client.
  • You earn 4% on the deals you bring us!